White Tea

Much like other tea styles, white tea comes from the same plant that gives us black, green and oolong teas. The difference lies in how the leaves are harvested and prepared, giving each style their unique look and flavour profile. Other teas go through a variety of steps in processing the final product. From oxidation to rolling of leaves, each step builds the desired flavour. White tea on the other hand is handled much less during the production process. This delicate process is part of what makes it so revered in Chinese cultures where it symbolizes purity, honest and respect.

White tea is made from only the freshest and youngest tea leaves. Carefully hand-picked in the early spring months and then quickly withered in order to prevent oxidation and preserve flavour. Since there is little processing involved, white tea offers a delicate flavour with a soft finish and pale yellow colour. Packed full of health benefits such as the ability to reduce inflammation, help with skin health as well as improve your sense of calm, focus and alertness. If you haven’t explored this delicate tea blend, it just might be time.