Wellness Tea

For more than 6000 years, people around the world have been using a variety of ingredients to aid in their physical wellbeing. From teas and herbs to fruits and flowers, each ingredient can offer some benefits. It is based on this history that T. Kettle developed our line of wellness tea. Searching through these blends, you’ll find ingredients that have historically offered humans physical ease and restorative properties for their bodies.

Ancient Egyptians & Romans would use chamomile to ease sleeplessness and anxiety, while also using nettle to reduce inflammation. The Chinese for thousands of years have been enjoying the benefits of goji berries and green tea. Both ingredients offer natural and healthy antioxidants, are delicious and can be found in some of our wellness teas. Still other regions like Southeastern Australia offer the origins of eucalyptus where it has been used to treat fever and coughs for hundreds of years. The more you explore these flavourful wellness teas, the more likely you are to find some great beverages that are steeped in history. Please keep in mind that we cannot medically substantiate any health claims pertaining to our wellness tea blends. What we can affirm however, is their character, flavour and substance. We hope you enjoy the variety of wellness blends.