Black Tea

Black tea is the result of oxidizing the same tea leaves that gives us green tea. Some theories exist that the discovery of this style of tea was purely accidental. When a fresh crop of tea leaves was left by farmers attending to other duties oxidized. When they returned the next day, the leaves had started to wither and change in colour. Not wanting to lose the entire harvest, they roasted the leaves, and a new style of tea was born. The result, a drink that’s higher in caffeine, more potent in flavour and longer periods of storage without spoiling.

This new black tea quickly grew in popularity, due in large part to the fact that they were fully fermented and oxidized. This longer life before spoiling enabled them to journey from China to Europe without impacting the quality upon delivery. It was the Portuguese who first introduced tea to the west, back in the 16th century. At the time it was described to improve concentration and health. Princess Catherine introduced black tea to the British palace, one of the primary reasons for the continued growth in popularity of through the west and into North America. As you continue to explore the wide variety of black teas, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy this drink staple for its taste as well as the health benefits.