Blue Freeze

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Brrrrr…. this is so bluey good (incredible as a DIY Popsicle). Tends fruity with ‘into the wild blue yonder’ notes.

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Brrrr! A bold blend inspired by the captivating “blue” flavour of the classic blue freezie. We’ve taken a cacophony of dried fruits, flowers and herbs and crafted a herbal tea blend to take you on a sentimental journey to summers past. What makes it so blue? Butterfly Blue Pea Flower—nature’s bluest creation. Add a squeeze of lemon to really kick it up a notch (and enjoy the colour changing show)!

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Currants, Apple, Butterfly Blue Pea flower, Rosehip, Stevia, Cornflower petals, Blackberry + Raspberry pieces, Natural flavors.



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4 – 7 min


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